What is the largest size pillow you can make?  I only see smaller pillows.

I specialize in making mini pillows that are intended for seasonal decorating.  I use a special fabric printer to print the designs you see on fabric.  The print width is 13″ wide so making pillows larger than that is not possible.  The pillows I design can either be placed on a tiered tray or added to a basket or seasonal display as a filler.  The pillows are accent pillows and not the type of pillow you would put on a sofa, chair or outdoor on your patio as cushions, although the pillows are treated with a water resistant finish to allow them to be used in outdoor displays. 

What is the size of your gnomes?

Gnomes range from 5″ high to 14″ high.  Please check the description carefully to ensure you are purchasing the correct size you need.

What is the cost for shipping?

Shipping is free to US/Domestic addresses.  There is no order minimum to meet the free shipping requirement.

I really like a certain design but the colors don’t work for me, can you change colors?

The benefit of creating my own designs is that I’m able to make any changes you need to the colors.  I can update the text and images in designs to match your decor.  Many customers send me photos so I can color match to their kitchen, livingroom, etc.

I received this pillow and it is very small.  I thought this was a sofa pillow – how do I return this?

Beginning February 1, 2022, in an effort to ensure I can continue offering FREE standard shipping to all US/Domestic customers, I no longer offer returns on mini pillows due to a customer not realizing the size.  The size of each item is clearly indicated in the description and you cannot add an item to your cart without choosing the size.  I clearly state that my items are mini pillows meant for tiered trays or seasonal displays.  I will not accept a return of an item because a customer doesn’t read the description to understand what they are ordering.  Offering FREE shipping is a very valuable benefit to my customers.  The 2% of customers who haven’t read the description and attempt to return an item due to size will make it impossible for me to continue offering this valuable benefit.  There is NO EXCEPTION to this policy.

Are your items made in the USA or do you import your items from overseas and resell them?

Every single item that I design and sell is made with my two hands in my craft studio in my home.  My home is located in Central Minnesota in the USA and you will see that the item ships from there.  I do not resell items that I’ve purchased from overseas (or domestically) and I never will.  After I design the fabric, it is printed on my fabric printer in my craft studio, then I machine sew or hand sew (depending on the item being created) each item for you.  All items are made to order as, right now, I do not keep an inventory (other than the items I create for product photos).  The notions that I use on my items (bows, buttons, faux fur, etc.) are purchased by me either online or locally.