Gnome Facts



Originally, gnomes were not the cute little puffy bodied cuties you see today.  The first gnomes, designed in as early as the 1300’s, resembled a very wrinkly elderly man and they were not clothed.  As time evolves many things, gnomes evolved into fun, attractive little creatures with usually bright clothing and a pointed “dunce-like” hat.


Gnome legend shares that the small creatures, never more than a foot in height, were underground burrowers who worked in mines harvesting diamonds and jewels.  As time evolved, gnomes found their way above ground and became protectors of homes and gardens.  They entered homes in the early 20th century as figurines and stuffed bodied helpers who warded off unwanted spirits and they kept those in the home safe, healthy, and happy.


My business hails from the state that features its very own Gnometown, USA (Dawson, MN).
Dawson has been a self-proclaimed Gnometown since 1988.  During the annual Riverfest Celebration, a new King & Queen Gnome are crowned – people in the town who have provided exemplary community service over the past year and, yes, there are real people dressed as gnomes in the town as well.  Here and there and everywhere you will find small gnomes, large gnomes and every kind of gnome in-between decorating the landscapes of businesses or yards of homes.


Visiting sunny San Diego anytime soon?  In the early 2000’s a nice young couple visited a lovely community in San Diego set in a beautiful family-friendly cul-de-sac.  While envisioning dreamy nights on their patio, they noticed a familiar theme radiating throughout the quaint community – many of the homes featured cheery and adorable garden gnomes on their lawns.  Curious, the realtor checked in to this common decoration item as the hopeful homeseekers waited to hear if their bid was accepted.  To the realtor’s surprise, he was notified that the quiet little cul-de-sac was actually a swinger’s playground!  Those homeowners interested in swinging, placed garden gnomes outside their homes to share their inclusion in the community festivities.  Needless to say, the happy couple found a home in a less “friendly” neighborhood but, the entire experience made headlines!