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Update your spring tiered tray with my adorably cute ladybug gnome and accessories. Order just the larger gnome, which stands 7″ tall, or order the entire set which includes a tiny, equally adorable dollhouse 1:12 size gnome and pillow set. Every item is handmade by me and arrives ready to be displayed. MORE DETAILS BELOW

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Full Set (10 items) (+$78.79)
7" Gnome Only (+$13.90)
2" Gnome Only (+$4.63)
2" Gnome and (4) 1.5" Pillows (2 Ladybug & One of each phrase) (+$27.81)
7" Gnome and (3) 4" Pillows (One of each) (+$37.08)
(3) 4" Pillows (One of each) (+$18.54)
(1) Bloom with Grace 4"x4" Pillow
(1) Bloom with Grace 5"x5" Pillow (+$1.85)
(1) Bloom with Grace 6"x6" Pillow (+$4.63)
(1) Bloom with Grace 7"x7" Pillow (+$8.34)
(1) Bloom with Grace 8"x8" Pillow (+$12.05)
(1) Bloom with Grace (1:6) 3"x3" Pillow ($-0.50)
(1) Bloom with Grace (1:12) 1.5"x1.5" Pillow ($-1.00)
(1) Spring is in the Air 4"x4" Pillow
(1) Spring is in the Air 5"x5" Pillow (+$1.85)
(1) Spring is in the Air 6"x6" Pillow (+$4.63)
(1) Spring is in the Air 7"x7" Pillow (+$8.34)
(1) Spring is in the Air 8"x8" Pillow (+$12.05)
(1) Spring is in the Air (1:6) 3"x3" Pillow ($-0.50)
(1) Spring is in the Air (1:12) 1.5"x1.5" Pillow ($-1.00)
(1) Ladybug Print 4"x4" Pillow
(1) Ladybug Print 5"x5" Pillow (+$1.85)
(1) Ladybug Print 6"x6" Pillow (+$4.63)
(1) Ladybug Print 7"x7" Pillow (+$8.34)
(1) Ladybug Print 8"x8" Pillow (+$12.05)
(1) Ladybug Print (1:6) 3"x3" Pillow ($-0.50)
(1) Ladybug Print (1:12) 1.5"x1.5" Pillow ($-1.00)
10" Canvas Ladybug Garland (Black Cord) (+$4.63)
10" Canvas Ladybug Garland (White Cord) (+$4.63)
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Spring is such a wonderful time! Blooms start to sprout and sunshine becomes more abundant.
I remember finding ladybugs when I was young and counting their spots because I learned in school it told us how old they were. Fun memories!
This cute spring tray decor is full of those adorably cute little ladybugs even with a gnome in dollhouse 1:12 size! Choose your favorite option or combination of options. Here are details on each item:

Mini Pillows
Choose your favorite size from 1:12 up to 8″x8″. Each mini pillow is printed in full color on cotton fabric and handsewn with a solid color backing. After being stuffed with fluffy fiberfil, I blind stitch the opening to create a clean seam around each pillow.

7″ Gnome
This adorably cute gnome stands 7″ tall from the base of his little “feet” to the bend in his hat. The ladybug print on his hat matches the printed design on the mini pillow and is handsewn from cotton fabric. The band matches his hat and he has a pouf at the end and a matching sparkly resin flower on the band that brings the design together. His body is made from soft black fleece and he is filled with sitting beads at the base and polyfil to the top. He is finished with a soft white faux fur beard and wooden bead for his nose.

2″ Gnome
This tiny little 1:12 size gnome will fit well in a dollhouse or miniature display. He stands 2″ tall from his base to the bend in his hat. His hat is printed from the same ladybug fabric that matches the mini pillows and he also has a matching pouf on the end of his hat. His body has sitting beads at the base and then is stuffed with polyfil. His beard is made from white faux fur and his nose is a small wooden bead.

Finish your ladybug display with a matching garland. The coordinating design is printed on cotton canvas, cut and handsewn together to create a hanging banner. There is cording tied at each end to allow you to tie or hang the garland. NOTE: I used black thread and cording but you can ask for this to be with white cording. Options are noted when placing your order.


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